Counseling Services

Affirming Faith Christian Counseling offers judgement-free, evidence-based counseling for individuals and groups via a convenient video conferencing platform. 

Individual Counseling

Individual therapy sessions are intended to provide you with the space, skills, and support you need to heal and grow. Whether you are struggling with feelings of anxiety and depression, stress or overwork, or facing difficulty processing  past trauma or feelings of grief, working with a compassionate, professional therapist can be an integral step in becoming the person you know you can be.

Sessions begin on a weekly basis, then are moved to bi-weekly after initial assessment and treatment planning by you and your therapist. 

Group Counseling

Group therapy sessions consist of a small groups of adult individuals who are all experiencing similar mental health difficulties or other stressful situations, including past trauma, feelings of anxiety or depression, and moving through grief. Group therapy sessions can be an excellent support network and source of feedback and perspective for many individuals. 

Group sessions are held online once per week. You may choose to attend only group sessions or as additional support to individual counseling.

Frequently Asked Questions

A listening ear from a professional therapist with a Christian perspective. The process can bring forth a lot of intense emotions at times, which is a normal experience. Please don’t give up as doing so can leave you more distressed than when you began. We can rearrange things to address a less intense issue and build your meditation techniques to promote effective coping techniques during the process.

It is a virtual conversation via video or audio that is strictly confidential with this licensed therapist. Sessions are intended to allow the adult individual to focus on their own thoughts and feelings to gain insights and shift perspectives that can lead to desired changes. Attentive listening formulates appropriately tailored questions intended to evoke a future focused response that fuels steps towards success.

In a virtual platform, this therapist, you and up to 5-8 individual adults will meet together to address a specific mental health symptom or issue weekly – bi-weekly for a 4-6 week period. Homework assignments are suggested to aid in session engagement and promote skill building. These sessions are facilitated by a Licensed Therapist to ensure appropriateness and fit for the group.

This is outpatient mental health treatment, which serves individuals with mild to low symptoms of distress. So, that question will be for you, the individual client, and this Licensed Therapist to decide as the process unfolds. Some people get their needs met in a short period between 4-8 weeks, whereas others have a need to work on their issues for a longer period.

Rates & Fees

Clients are billed the full cost of each session at the time of the session. Affirming Faith Christian Counseling is not currently accepting insurance, but we can provide you with a superbill for reimbursement through your insurance policy.

Individual Counseling 
50 mins | $125 per session

Group Counseling 
90 mins | $75 per session

Case Consultations
30 mins | $50 per consultation
Online clinical consultations with clinicians in Illinois or Missouri

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